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Our program creates an opportunity for children from all walks of life to grow and learn through their relationship with the horses and animals at the ranch.  We provide homes for unwanted, rescued, and/or donated horses. Our mission is to enhance the lives of both children, horses, and other livestock by uniting them in a peaceful, serene, safe environment.

Saving the lives of horses and other livestock enables us to not only create a meaningful, productive life for horses and other animals but also create the opportunity to teach children valuable life lessons.  Children are taught to care and ride with confidence.  During this experience, the horse learns to trust, thrive, and enjoy being loved, while the children grow as responsible, confident young people.

We provide care for all horses taken in, ranging from routine to special care veterinary services, weight gaining, Farrier, chiropractic, and other needed services.  A large percentage of our horses remain under our supervision the remainder of their lives and all horses remain on the program.

We also provide support for families with members who are experiencing medical issues.  Support may range from visits to the ranch to providing special events, to financial help.  Teaching children to support their community by volunteering in community events is another way we help strengthen the core values of our young generation. 

Horse to Heart matches a child with a horse, creating a bond that nurtures them both.  Our Horse to Heart program allows a child and family to grow in many areas as they experience pursuing a relationship with horses and animals.  They learn work ethics, responsibility, commitment, goal setting, and dedication, to name a few.  Through this, they grow as individuals and become more confident, motivated, and well-adjusted people.  Many times, this union provides the horse or animal the best care and situation many of them have had under their previous ownership, thus creating a positive experience for both human and animal.  The program is overseen by an experienced, competent, loving staff.

Griffin’s Gifts is a program that has helped make a lifetime of wishes come true for families of children with illnesses or addition.  Griffin’s Gifts has produced many happy celebrations for families in crisis.  The program has aided in creating special Christmas Celebrations and Birthday parties.  Through the program, special gifts have been donated for children with illnesses.  When illness or addiction exists in a family, it affects the whole family.  Through this program, we offer activities that provide an opportunity for family members to get away from the stress and pain of the problem whether it be illness or addiction.  The visits can include horseback riding or just visiting and enjoying the peaceful, relaxed atmosphere.