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Horse to Heart

At the core, Horse to Heart is a program that matches kids with horses to teach them life lessons and to give the horses a purposeful life.

Once a horse becomes a part of the Horse to Heart program, they are accessed to see what their needs are to bring them to a point where they can be matched to families who will provide them the care and love they need.  

All the horses we rescue are rehabilitated, retrained, and placed into a productive role where they receive the care they need and deserve and are ridden on a regular basis.  

Horses are then put on “Forever Leases” and kept at Oak Creek Corral where the Horse to Heart program operates.

Once a family leases the horse, the children in the family enroll in our program and are taught hot to provide care to the horses.  The horses are then instrumental in teaching the kids life lessons and core values through the relationships that are developed. Some of the core values they learn include effective work ethics, goal setting, responsibility, commitment, and unconditional love.  

Horse to Heart is dedicated to providing opportunities for families of all walks of life to be able to participate in the rescue process and leasing program.  

Our rescue program provides a long-term supervised solution for the horses we rescue and/or take in, assuring not on the party relinquishing the horse but also our donors that the future of the horses is promising and positive.  The horse to heart program also offers the opportunity for older teenagers to become mentors and help the younger children learn about the horse’s care and needs.  Many children volunteer their time caring for the horses and volunteering at events and other functions which teaches our young generations to give back.

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