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About Us

It all started with a big horse named Connecticut and the big heart of Kim Sweeney. Connecticut had been injured while jumping and after months of trying to rehab him, the stables where he was decided he needed to be put down. Kim could not bear the thought and had a heartfelt feeling that he could recover from his injuries, so she asked if she could buy the horse.

Her wish was granted for $1.00. She then called Tracy Boldroff and asked if she could keep the horse on her property. Again, her wish was granted. In the next few months, Connecticut would have several visits from the chiropractor, vet, and Ferrier. It would be the Ferrier who would make the biggest difference, after finding and treating a huge abscess, Connecticut was on the road to recovery.

After several months of soundness, Kim made arrangements for Connecticut to be part of a ranch geared for children. He is now a happy, active guy who makes lots of kids happy.

A few months later, Kim was given the opportunity to purchase another horse for $1. This little guy was not happy being a lesson horse, especially being a little western horse who was being changed into a jumper. He came to live at Oak Creek Corral, and soon, he was being ridden by a girl named Dana Bowers who had a little bit of experience with horses.

Within months, it became apparent that Dana and Dakota were a match. He was happy in the arena and on trail, he responded well to her and she fell in love with him. After talking to her parents, we made a deal with Dana that if she was to care for, ride, and be committed to Dakota, she could purchase him for $2.00. She agreed, and the pair became inseparable.

In the next few months, as the word spread and more and more kids came to know Oak Creek Corral, more and more horses became available and the program evolved into a wonderful opportunity to help both children and horses.

Through the Horse to Heart program, children learn a sense of responsibility and commitment as well as unconditional love. We have provided loving homes for horses that were in need of new homes for many different reasons, whether it be finances, injuries, or suitability.

Each match is carefully paired with the horse and rider’s temperament, and experience being the key for the match. Riders are under the supervision of professional trainers and horse people with many years of experience.

When two hearts bond, the magic begins.